T-1 Night Before Ramadan

Twas the night before Ramadan…and I’m here sitting at my laptop with my cousins wasting time as usual.  Ironic how the day before Ramadan I wasted so much time doing…nothing.  I posted my “goodbye for a month” post on my K-pop blog and watched Happy Tree Friends.  That’s about it.  I want that to change this Ramadan.  I need to figure out things to do without Youtube and Netflix and my mp3 player.

So now starts the wait! Pretty much every Muslim experiences this at least three times every year, the night before Ramadan and the night before Eid Al-Fitr and 10 nights before Eid Al-Adha.  Staying up for hours making calls, refreshing twitter, looking outside yourself, waiting for someone to confirm if the next day we will be fasting or celebrating.  If the moon is sighted tonight, tomorrow will be the first day of Ramadan.  If not, Ramadan will start on Wednesday.

To be honest, I kind of hope it is Wednesday. I’m not ready to fast tomorrow or wake up for Suhoor.  I’m not ready for the 17 hour fast.  I still remember last year.  Fasting has never been a problem for me, but for some reason, last year I got so tired of fasting.  Maybe I just got tired, having to wait until 8:30 pm to eat.  InshaAllah this year shouldn’t be too bad (even though it will be the longest hours of fasting I’ve ever done).

So come along and follow me on this Ramadan journey!  Every day I’ll be posting about how the day went as well as pictures of my iftar that day.  I have a lot of goals I want to accomplish this month, but I’ll leave that list for tomorrow.


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