Ramadan Log DAY 1: Not Bad, Not Bad

Alhamdulillah I successfully completed my first day of fasting! It wasn’t that bad for a first day.  It just felt like any other fasting day.  I did wake up hungry, but didn’t really get any more hungry until the very end.

Suhoor brought back so many bad feelings though.  Fasting isn’t so bad, and Iftar and dinner are great, but Suhoor kills me.  Waking up when everything in your body screams sleep, then eating and filling your stomach with as much water as it will hold, praying Fajr, and then going back to sleep on a full stomach.  It is a blessing that we are able to eat before fasting, but waking up is definitely my least favorite part of Ramadan.  I have found a good solution though to the sleeping on a full stomach discomfort.  In addition to all of the other benefits of reading Qur’an after Fajr, taking that extra 10 or 15 minutes to read lets your food digest a little before going back to sleep.  Reason #2 to read Qur’an after Fajr: it gives your food time to digest. (Reason #1 being all of the ibadah and good deeds you earn by reading)

I read so much Qur’an today, but I’m afraid that habit won’t last for very long.  You know how you get all excited and energetic to do all this extra ibadah in the beginning of the month but lose that energy by day 15?  I’m really hoping that doesn’t happen.  I have a few goals, and they all require my effort for the entire month.

Let’s go over my goals, shall we?  Maybe anyone reading this can also consider these goals for themselves.  First off, I really want to finish reading the Qur’an this month.  Last year, I unfortunately got all motivated to read the whole Qur’an in the last week, so of course I didn’t finish.  Since then, though, I’ve been reading it pretty consistently every night.  I’m partway through the 15th juz (out of 30), so inshaAllah if I read enough every day, I’ll be able to finish by the end of Ramadan.  This will be the second time in my life reading through the entire Arabic Qur’an.

I have actually never read the entire English translation of the Qur’an, so I’m making that another goal.  I started a couple years ago, but have been very slow at reading it (which is ironic considering it is written in my first language).  From where I’m at, if I read 150 ayahs a day, I can complete the entire translation by the end of Ramadan.  While the Arabic reading has more spiritual, “good deeds” benefits, going through the English will definitely have some more tangible benefits.

With this in mind, at the end of every blog post I’m going to share a quick quote from what I read each day.  I was reading Surah Al-Hijr (Chapter 15) today, which told about groups of people in history who were disbelievers in Islam.  Towards the end, in Ayah 88 it says “Do not [longingly] look with your eyes at what We have gifted some of their groups, and do not feel sad for them.”  Do you ever see people have something really good happen to them when they totally don’t deserve it?  Or those people who seem to have it all without even trying when you try so hard and only get half as much as them?  I read this ayah and thought about those people.  The worst person in the world could seem to have really good things happen to him, but this ayah and surah is basically saying that that person will get what’s coming to him.  We should never be jealous or discouraged when something good happens to someone undeserving.  In due time, in this life or the next, everyone will be dealt what they deserve, bad and good.  Don’t ever think your hard work to do the right thing is unnoticed or useless.


day 1

Kheema (ground beef) samosas and eggrolls generously given to us by our neighbors and Hello Pandas!

day 1.1

And then for dinner, Kheema Biryani made by my grandma. 🙂 I promise, I’m not a FOB.  Ramadan is my Indian food time.


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