Ramadan Log DAY 3: We Have It Easy

Believe it or not, today was harder than yesterday.  By 4pm I was totally hungry, thirsty, and tired.  Alhamdulillah I was able to pray and do my Qur’an reading, but I’m pretty sure I spent a whole hour and a half of the day just lying in bed staring at the ceiling hating my state of being.  A lot of people think Ramadan is the Christmas of Islam, the perfect month where everything is butterflies and rainbows, but fasting can be very difficult.  However, the one thought getting me through today was that in just a couple hours, I’d have iftar.  Those people who are so impoverished that they are in a perpetual state of fasting don’t have that assurance. So yeah, it’s difficult, but nothing compared to the real thing.

Reason to fast #3: It forces you to think before saying exaggerated phrases like “I’m starving”

I got to read the people of the cave story today!  I’ve heard of it before, but never read the original story from the actual Qur’an before.  I also got through the Muslim version of the “10 Commandments” in Surah Isra’ (Surah 17, translated as “The Night Journey”).  It’s not our only 10 commands, but it is a list, with a specific order, that mirrors the Biblical 10 Commandments.  (I don’t believe there’s any special meaning to our 10 commandments, but it’s just cool to see the similarity)  Anyway, that last two in the list really got to me, in ayahs 36 and 37.  “And do not follow that about which you have no knowledge; Verily, every act of hearing, or of seeing, or of (feeling in) the heart will be questioned (on the Day of Judgement). And do not walk on the earth with deceit and arrogance: Verily, you cannot rip the earth apart, and cannot reach the mountains in height.”

There are two very good lessons in this.  #1: Don’t follow anything blindly.  God is telling us here to investigate what we hear and be aware of what we are choosing to believe.  We have to take our religion and way of life into our own hands, because it is our life, and make sure we are following what is justified and makes sense.  There is definitely a sense of faith in religion, but there are realistic examples and reasoning in the Qur’an and the Prophet Muhammad’s (S) life to back up our faith.

Lesson #2: Don’t think you’re on top of the world.  I love that it says “you cannot rip the earth apart.”  Only God can do anything as incredible as that, so we can’t ever think we are above or more important that God or his commands.  We are only human, and can do NOTHING compared to what God can do.

My first thought after reading this: We, especially us young’ns, really need to keep our attitudes in check.


Day 3

Brownies made by yours truly and Spring Rolls, courtesy of Costco (These eggrolls are pretty good and totally vegetarian for you zabiha-only eaters).

Day 3.1

For dinner, White Rice and Mixed Vegetable Salan made by a family friend.


One thought on “Ramadan Log DAY 3: We Have It Easy

  1. Violet says:

    You’re so right, there’s no butterflies and rainbows, but lots of endurance and willpower

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