Ramadan Log DAY 8: Ramadan Insomnia

I decided to open a new chapter in my life today.  InshaAllah, tomorrow I am going to start a youtube channel for Henna tutorials.  I’ve been doing Henna for a few years now, and I’ve been wanting to start a youtube channel for a really long time now.  I recorded my first couple videos today and inshaAllah will post the first one tomorrow or the next day.  I’ll include the link in my blog post for that day if anyone wants to check it out.  I’m so excited!

Besides that, I did video editing for a different project…and that’s about it.  Read Qur’an, prayed, made iftar…and slept.  I’ve been sleeping until at least 1 pm every day this Ramadan.  Since iftar is so late during the summer, I have to wait until 8:30 or 9 to eat iftar AND dinner, then write my blog post, and then exercise.  If you include surfing the internet after dinner to let my food digest a little, I’m going to sleep every night around 1 am.  And then for some reason, for a couple years now I have been having this weird Ramadan insomnia where I have real trouble falling asleep before Suhoor.  Then take away an hour and a half for Suhoor, Fajr, and Qur’an reading and I’m left with about 8 hours of sleep.  It’s in a weird order, but it is a normal amount.  That insomnia kills me though because I am so tired by the end of the day and can never fall asleep.

Today I read Surah An-Noor, Surah 24 (“The Light”) which mostly describes different social rules and laws in Islam.  I’ve read parts of this surah multiple times in different classes because the long Hijab ayah is in here and the ayahs about entering another person’s house are also here.  In the middle of all the law ayahs, there is an ayah describing God as a light: “The parable of His Light is as though there is a Niche (opening) and within it is a Lamp: The Lamp is enclosed in glass: The glass as if it was a bright star: Lit from a blessed tree, an Olive, neither of the East nor of the West, whose Oil is almost (by itself) bright, even though fire never touched it: Light upon Light! God guides whomever He wills to His Light: And God sets forth parables for mankind: And God knows all things.”  As a reader and writer of poetry myself, I loved this ayah.  It was so descriptive of God’s light, and really you can’t describe God in just a few words so it makes sense that His Light would have such a long, detailed description.  This seems like one of those ayahs that would be so much more poetic in Arabic.  It is moments like this when I really wish I knew Qur’anic Arabic.  I would love to read a Tafseer (explanation) of this ayah.


Day 8

Dried Mango, Blueberry Muffin, and more Samosas from the neighbor.  (It was leftover night tonight.)


One thought on “Ramadan Log DAY 8: Ramadan Insomnia

  1. Aamina says:

    Noorun ‘ala Noor! Love that ayah!

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