Ramadan Log DAY 9: Fasting in the Heat

Today has to have been the hottest day of the summer so far.  It was around a hundred degrees (F) and of course of all days I chose today to go outside.  I went to my cousin’s baseball game and boy was it HOT.  The entire time I was outside I was thinking, why would anyone go outside in this weather, especially when fasting?  This is why having Ramadan during the summer is so difficult.  During the summer, we want to go outside, hang out with friends in a park, have picnics, all in the heat, and with a ton of water.  We can’t do any of those things while fasting during the summer without risk of dehydration.  We are going to have to wait about three more years before we can have the entire summer to enjoy these things.

Yet while this was going through my mind today, I realized that in Saudi Arabia and many other countries, it is always this weather.  Ramadan is always in the heat for many people around the world.  We Americans complain to no end about how difficult Summer Ramadans are, yet we don’t realize that it is always “Summer” in other countries.  In fact, there is a much greater percent of Muslims in countries where the weather is much hotter and they always have to deal with fasting in the heat.  We can’t pretend that we are suffering so much these years in the Summer when there are people all over the world who always have their Ramadans in this condition, not to mention the impoverished people who are always fasting, no matter where they are or what the weather is.

Reason #4 to fast: It gives you so many reasons to be thankful.

Reason #5 to fast: You are able to acknowledge and appreciate the people who go through situations worse than you.

English ayah of the day: In Surah 26, Surah Ash-Shu’ara’ (The Poets), many stories are told about groups of people in history who were sent a prophet but didn’t accept their prophet’s message to worship only one God.  The excuse many of them had was the following (taken from ayah 137 and 138): “This is nothing but a habit of the ancients: and we shall not be punished.”  In each story, after the people rejected their prophet’s message, they were punished.  This ayah goes back to the ayah from Surah Isra’ about following things blindly.  Even if something is a tradition, that doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do.  Even in Islam, sometimes culture gets confused for religion and Muslims practice rituals that aren’t even part of Islam, just because their parents and ancestors did it.  We constantly have to be on the lookout for explanations and justifications before dedicating ourselves to a practice or way of life.  Just because it is a tradition of the family doesn’t mean we can blindly follow it and not expect to be held accountable for it later.



Kheema Samosas made by my aunt


For dinner, White Rice, Chicken Chili, Kebab, and Spinach Chicken made by my aunt


For dessert, Orange Chocolate Mousse Cups made by my cousin (YUM)


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