Ramadan Log Day 11: Henna With Me!

I uploaded my Henna video today! I spent most of the day editing that and alhamdulillah it’s done and posted.  I’m really excited to do this.  InshaAllah it will be successful and I can help other people learn how to do Henna.  I found that making and editing these videos pass the time pretty quickly.  Sometimes it actually passes by too quickly and I lose track of time.  Alhamdulillah, though, I’m glad I’ve found an activity that I enjoy.

My family hosted our first “iftar party” of the year.  I wouldn’t call it an actual party because it was just a couple people coming over, but it was two more mouths to feed.  My grandma and I always make the iftar, and today we felt the pressure of cooking for more people, but it wasn’t any problem, alhamdulillah.  I just had to start preparing iftar about 20 or so minutes earlier.  I love cooking, so these things are never a burden on me.  It just forces me to manage my time differently and rearrange my schedule (well, as much of a schedule as I usually have during the summer, which is close to nothing).  It’s always so worth it though.  I love being able to break fast with other people.  Those last few minutes before iftar are less of a struggle because we have the distraction of company as well as more support.  Successes are always more fun celebrated with other people, so that moment of eating a date with a group of people seems so much more rewarding because making it through the day is a success we can all share.

One of the best parts about this Ramadan is that I’m learning so much by reading the Qur’an.  Ayahs that people would throw at me and quote throughout my entire life are becoming real as I read them with my own eyes.  I’ve never read so much Qur’an in my life, and it feels really good to know that I’m more than halfway done reading the same words (translated in English) revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (S).  Today, I read the translation of all of Surah Qasas (Surah 28, translated as “The Story”) and read the story of Musa (A).  I know that parts of his story have been scattered all throughout the Qur’an, because nearly every day my set of ayahs mention something about his life, but this surah had the most detailed version so far of the beginning of Prophet Musa’s (A) life.  It described how his mother sent him in the river and then was reunited with him, and how he killed a man and left his home.  I already knew the general story, from watching “The Prince of Egypt” as a kid, but reading the true version in the Qur’an was really cool.  I would like to quote the whole story, but that would take way too long.  Instead, I recommend that you all read Surah Qasas.  The first half is the story of Musa (A), but the second half relates the prophethood of Musa (A) to the prophethood of Muhammad (S).  It’s really interesting to read the actual original text of these stories that I had only heard versions of as a kid.

Reason #6 to read Qur’an: All of those “stories” that you hear come to life right before your eyes.


Day 11

My Pearl Couscous and Bhajiya, and Mango-Peach Juice

Day 11.1

For dinner, White Rice, Tandoori Chicken made by my mom and Green Bean Salan made by a friend.

If you’re interested in my Henna tutorial video, you can view it here.  My new channel is at www.youtube.com/HennaWithMe


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