Ramadan Log DAY 13: K-pop Withdrawal

And this is why I gave up music during Ramadan.

Today was without a doubt my most boring day this month.  I tried editing more videos but got sick of it (especially considering that’s been the bulk of my activities for days).  Nothing interesting kept me online for more than a couple minutes at a time.  I read the Qur’an I had planned to, but my eyes and brain were too tired to read any extra.  At times like these, my go to would always be TV or music. It would have been such an easy solution, but I couldn’t let myself break my “music fast” when I had been so good at keeping it.

I’m really into K-pop (Korean Pop) but I decided to stay away from it as much as possible this month so I could focus on improving my religious habits, but as I said on Day 5, it’s been a struggle.  I don’t just listen to the music; I also watch the music videos, shows that the singers have been on, and Korean dramas.  I spend A LOT of time on K-pop entertainment, and I needed to take a break from that in order to focus on the Qur’an and ibadah.  Today though, I felt the loss.  I so badly just wanted to look up all the new music videos that had come out since Ramadan started and watch them all.  There are always so many interviews and talk shows that these singers appear on that I could have used to fill my boring day.  I would have wasted the whole day staring at a computer screen if I hadn’t made the decision to stop this month.  (Reason to fast #6: It builds discipline.)

Alhamdulillah, of all the things I decided to give up this Ramadan (TV, Youtube, K-pop, and mainstream America music), I have been the most diligent about staying away from K-pop, the thing that used up most of my attention before.  It’s difficult, though, to give up something you love so much.  I’m not at a point where I’m ready to give it up forever, but I want to take full advantage of this month to find things I enjoy doing more and that are more productive than watching K-pop videos all day long.

They say it takes an average of 21 days to make or break a habit.  I’m on day 13.  Let’s just pray that I can stay strong until Day 30 so that I won’t be so attached when it all comes back.

I was a little too tired to “love” my Qur’an reading as much as I did yesterday, but I still found it interesting.  There were two moments I found most inspiring: one is guilt-tripping, the other awe-inspiring.  Sad ayah or happy ayah?  I’ll go with happy today.  Surah Fatir (Surah 35) is translated as “The Creator” and while I didn’t get to finish it, most of what I read talks about God as the ultimate Creator of everything in existence.  After demonstrating God’s power over nature, ayah 12 says, “And the two kinds of water are not alike- One is tasteful, sweet and pleasant to drink, and the other, (tastes of) salt and is bitter.  Yet from (both of) them, you eat fresh and tender flesh; From each you take out ornaments (pearls) to wear; And in there you see the ships that go through the waves, for you to search from the bounty of God that you may be thankful.”  After looking at a couple different translations, I am assuming this ayah is talking about freshwater and saltwater.  This just shows how amazing God’s creation is.  He created two completely different kinds of water, but both have nearly equal uses.  I love reading about nature in the Qur’an because it is so tangible and easy to relate to.


Day 13

Chicken Parmesan made by my mom (We didn’t have much of an iftar today and just skipped straight to dinner)


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