Ramadan Log DAY 21: Yearning for the Beauty

I wish I knew Arabic. Like I wish I was fluent in Arabic and really knew what the Qur’an is saying.  I can read all the English translations I want, but from what Arabic speakers tell me, the English doesn’t do it justice.  I’ve heard enough tafseers to understand that there is so much meaning in each Arabic word of the Qur’an that no English translation would be able to convey it all.

And then there are the stories.  Umar Ibn Al-Khattab (R) was ready to murder the Prophet Muhammad (S), but when his sister showed him a part of the Qur’an, he found something in those words to make him want to become a Muslim right then and there.  All of the early Muslims of the Prophet Muhammad’s (S) time heard the Qur’an for the first time and viewed it as a collection of words that can only come from God.  I want to be able to see what they see and read what they read. I mean, the Qur’an is meant for all mankind, all types of people who speak all types of languages, and there is definitely beauty in some of the ayahs of the Qur’an, but being able to recognize it as a form of godly poetry is a skill I don’t yet have.  InshaAllah one day I can learn enough Arabic to be able to appreciate the beauty that are the words of the Qur’an.  Although, I do have to say that the words sound beautiful as I say them.  I may not know what they mean, but the sound and rhythm of the words sounds amazing and I consider myself privileged to be able to read them and say them.

Reason #8 to read Qur’an: Once you become comfortable enough with reciting, the words can make your voice sound beautiful in a way that normal talking can’t ever do.

SubhanAllah story: Today I was reading my English translation and just wasn’t finding the “right” ayah to share.  I read a bunch that were useful and informative, but nothing that grabbed my attention and interest like my other “Ayahs of the Day” do.  I reached the end of my 150 ayahs with nothing to share, but I noticed that there were only about five ayahs left in the surah I was reading, so I just decided to read all of it and hope that there would be something noteworthy for me to share.  SubhanAllah, I found something.

For every single post, I know instantly upon reading it which would be my ayah of the day to share.  That happened with this set of ayahs.  It is at the end of Surah 55, Surah Al-Qamar (“The Moon”), in ayahs 52-55.  “And all that they do is noted in (their) books (of deeds): And every matter, small and large, is on record.  Verily, as to those who act right, they will be in the midst of gardens and streams, In an Assembly of Truth, in the Presence of a Sovereign Almighty.”  From what I’ve gathered by talking to my non-Muslim friends, this is a concept unique to Islam.  There is no one deed that will send a human straight to Heaven, nor one that will send a human straight to Hell.  It is based on our entire lives, our entire repertoire of deeds.  Every single thing that we do is recorded.  So all of those little good deeds, like holding open the door a little longer for the person behind you, or picking up a pencil that you see someone drop, all gets recorded and is noted by God.  Every single thing will be taken into account in our final judgement, so no good deed should seem too small to do.  Likewise, we shouldn’t judge any bad deed as too small to go unnoticed.


Day 21

Munchkins given to us by relatives and Peach-Mango Juice

Day 21.1

Spaghetti made by my mom


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