Ramadan Log DAY 28: The Last Mosque Iftar

Alhamdulillah, I was able to spend one of the last iftars of Ramadan at the mosque.  Spending more time at the mosque was one of the things I really wanted to do at the beginning of Ramadan, but for some reason I just thought that it wouldn’t happen as much this month, but alhamdulillah I was able to have iftar at the mosque at least once a week.  To be honest, I don’t go to the mosque a lot.  I probably go once a month, or once every two months, but Ramadan is the special month where I go a lot more than usual.  Of course the main reason why I go is for the iftar (the mosque sometimes has really good iftars!), but I also make a point to pray while I’m there.  Even if it’s a normal day where I’m volunteering at the da’wah center, I always make a point to pray in the mosque.

This is something I’ve developed just within the last four years or so: I really like praying in the mosque.  It’s so quiet and clean (subhanallah, my mosque didn’t always used to be clean, but nowadays they do a pretty good job with keeping the actual prayer area very clean).  I mean, my room is also quiet when I’m the only one there, but I also do work in my room, eat, listen to music, and watch videos in my room.  The mosque is a place for praying and praying only.  When I pray at home, since I’m praying in the place where I live the rest of my life, it is so much easier to be distracted while praying because my mind is always on what I am going to do in the next room after I’m praying and what I was just doing five feet away from my spot right before I was praying.  In the mosque, I’m away from my home and from anything else to distract me.  All around me are other people praying.  The only thought in the room is prayer.  It’s so much easier in a mosque than at home to just sit down, put my mind in prayer-mode, and talk to my Lord in peace.

I’ve also noticed that every time I go in that actual prayer area, I am reminded of all of the janazah prayers (funeral prayers) that I’ve prayed there and of people who have died.  Subhanallah.  I’ve said it before, but there really are so many memories in that mosque.

I am officially in the last section of both Arabic and English Qur’an!  The only surahs left for me to read are the ones I’ve memorized, which are always fun to read again.  I forgot to mention this yesterday, but another goal I didn’t get to complete was to go through all of the 30th juz and re-memorize the surahs that I have forgotten.  I always make that a goal and always forget to do it. 😦  Next year, inshaAllah.  At least tomorrow I’ll be able to read through all of them at least once.  I am planning on finishing both Qur’ans, inshaAllah, tomorrow in case Eid is on Thursday.  My English ayahs of the day are from Surah 86, Surah At-Tariq (“The Visitor of the Night”).  I found ayahs 15-17 to be really powerful: “As for them (the disbelievers), they are only plotting a scheme, And I am planning a Scheme.  Therefore (Prophet), give a little time for the disbelievers: Bear with them gently (for a while).”  More reassurance for the Prophet (S).  This surah was revealed when the Prophet (S) lived in Mecca, which means he was still being persecuted by the Meccans at this time.  They plotted and schemed such terrible things for the Prophet (S), but after reading this ayah, we can only imagine what kind of scheme God is preparing for them.  Every time Allah uses the first person in the Qur’an, I feel like whatever the message is has such a bigger impact.  Usually “We” is used instead of “I”, so when I see that first person, it seems so much more personal.  I just felt such power and assurance from that ayah that God will truly give those disbelievers who made life so difficult for the Prophet (S) what they deserve.  No scheme can overpower God’s scheme.


Day 28

Sotanhong Noodles, Chicken Adobo, Egg Rolls, Basmati Dill Rice, and Shawarma Chicken made by a family friend.  (Oh my God. So good, mashaAllah. I am officially a fan of Filipino food.)


2 thoughts on “Ramadan Log DAY 28: The Last Mosque Iftar

  1. White Pearl says:

    It was so nice reading about your experience and the food looks so delicious 😉 Great post !

  2. Aisha says:

    Masha Allah! Eid Mubarak to you :))

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