I’m back!

Happy Ramadan everyone! It’s that time of year again! That blessed month of fasting, prayer, and spiritual renewal.

I am incredibly excited for this Ramadan. Well…okay, I’m not jumping for joy at the fact that I have to wake up in a couple of hours to eat in preparation of our 15+ hours of fasting, but I’m excited about the rest of the month. Amazingly, Ramadan has become about more than just fasting for me.

And that is mostly because of how I spent Ramadan last year. Reading Qur’an every day, in both English and Arabic, coming up with things to blog about every day…it all forced me to really take advantage of each day and get more out of my days. That is what I look forward to this year.

It seems like just a few days ago I was writing my 2013 Ramadan Log, but it’s been a whole year. I’m a year older. I’ve matured, even if not by much. My life is different. All of the important things have remained the same – my family, my friends, my school – but mentally, I’m in a different place. I have different priorities. Different goals. I’m in a different place emotionally than I was last year. I think my writing style may have changed as well, but you would probably notice that better than I.

So come along with me on my journey! If you were reading my blog last year, welcome back! If you’re new to this blog, welcome to my world! I sincerely hope that each and every one of you reading this get as much out of my daily posts as I do writing them.


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