Ramadan Log DAY 7: A Good Day :)

Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah. Alhamdulillah.

Today was a really good day. It’s amazing how some days, I barely do anything and the day seems to end so quickly, but then there are days like today, where I do a week’s work of things all in the same number of hours.

In the morning, I attended an event organized by one of my friends and her family where we packed bagged lunches to be given to those who cannot afford a meal. It unofficially became a Ramadan tradition of mine to take part in projects like these at least once during the month, and after being so disappointed about not getting around to doing one last year, it felt great to be able to take part in one today. While I didn’t personally prepare the food, I helped pack the bags in boxes to be sent away. It was hard work, but it was actually pretty fun. And subhanallah, my hunger didn’t hold me back at all.

When I got home, I was able to watch the Netherlands vs. Costa Rica game, and my team finally won! I’ll be so excited if Netherlands can actually go all the way to the finals because I’ve been cheering for them since their very first game in this year’s World Cup.

After the game I made my first recipe of the month! It is actually one of the dishes I made last year, but this was my first time making it by myself. You’ll see in the picture later what the dish was. πŸ˜‰

After dinner, I was pretty satisfied with my day, but then I thought of a great way to top it all off. For some reason, I got a sudden burst of energy around 10 o’clock, so before the feeling could go away I decided to throw in a work out. It has been so long since I went running, and I’ve really missed it. With iftar and dinner being so late, I just don’t have time to eat, pray, read Qur’an, exercise, and write these blogs posts and still have time to sleep before suhoor, so it was the exercising that I’ve been cutting out.

Today though, I just couldn’t let my energy go to waste, so I just went for it and ran a couple of miles. Subhanallah, while I was running, I just felt so… alive. It’s such a contrast from feeling so dead from fasting, and it was amazing. I am so thankful to God for giving me a healthy body to be able to do athletic things like running or playing soccer. I think about the people around me who can’t physically do a typical workout, because of injury or disability, and I am just so incredibly thankful.

Volunteer, watch a soccer game, cook dinner, and work out. That’s what I call a productive day. πŸ™‚ Don’t worry, I also made all of my prayers and Qur’an reading.

Speaking of reading, I finally reached Muhammad’s (S) birth in Lings! Interestingly, now things are moving quite fast. At the part I’m at, he’s already 35. I was very happy to read the introductions of my two favorite Sahaba: Abu Bakr, the Prophet’s (S) best friend, and Khadijah, the Prophet’s (S) first wife. Abu Bakr was only just introduced as the boy “who was to become his closest friend” (Lings 32), but I did read the whole proposal and marriage of Muhammad (S) and Khadijah. I actually listened to a very long and detailed lecture of their love story a few months ago, so I already knew most of what I was reading, but that didn’t stop the story from being a joy to read. Lings actually includes a translated transcript of Khadijah’s proposal (yes, she proposed to him):

‘Son of mine uncle, I love thee for thy kinship amongst the people for this or for that; and I love thee for thy trustworthiness and for the beauty of thy character and the truth of thy speech.’ Then she offered herself in marriage to him and they agreed that he should speak to his uncles and she would speak to her uncle…for Khuwaylid her father had died.

(Lings 35)

I’m a girl, okay. I can’t help but love their story.

There was also the story of how Muhammad (S) adopted his slave, Zayd, as a son, and a description of his family, children, and cousins, but if I included an excerpt of every part of the book that I liked, this post would be way too long. Just read the book. It’s a good story.


Honeydew Melon for iftar

Honeydew Melon for iftar

My second attempt at Ratatouille. I can't find the recipe online, sorry! If you want me to email it to you, leave me a comment!

My second attempt at Ratatouille. I can’t find the recipe online, sorry! If you would like me to email it to you, leave me a comment!


3 thoughts on “Ramadan Log DAY 7: A Good Day :)

  1. wandpen says:

    Hope the rest of your Ramadan goes as well as this day did πŸ™‚ And what is Lings?

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