Ramadan Log DAY 8: The First Revelation

A quarter of the month completed! This week actually went by super quickly for me, which is a first.

Fasting was on the more difficult side today. My suhoor plan didn’t really turn out the way I wanted, and I woke up afterwards already slightly hungry. Suhoor is such a struggle for me, almost as much as the fasting is, because I just can never seem to get a good meal going. Actually, let me rephrase; I can never get a meal going that is both healthy and filling. I made a spinach and feta cheese omelet this morning, which was incredibly filling at the time, but it wasn’t enough to last me more than a few hours.

While my body may not have been agreeing with me today, at least mentally I had a good day. I spent the day at my aunt’s house, helping her move, and in the evening attended my weekly Qur’an class.

It is always nice to spend time in the company of good people. This past week has been full of terrible stories in the news that just makes one want to lose faith in humanity, along with average daily stresses, so it was really nice to spend a simple day with people I really care about. I mentioned last year how my cousins, the daughters of this aunt, were the ones who inspired me to read Qur’an every day, and today I encountered another inspiring moment, this time from their younger brother. My little cousin saw me reading Qur’an, and proudly demonstrated his own Qur’an abilities by reciting Surah Duha (Chapter 93 of the Qur’an) with perfect pronunciation and tajweed, at the small age of five. MashaAllah.

Spending the afternoon with my aunt, uncle, and cousins, and then ending the day with a group of nice, friendly, and all around good people made for a refreshing and joyful day.

I reached the point of God’s first revelation to the Prophet (S) in Muhammad. I have learned the story of the very first verses revealed to Muhammad (S) time and time again, yet in recent years I have found myself much more drawn to the part of the story that comes right after the Prophet (S) received these first five verses. As Martin Lings describes in the book, and as I have learned, Muhammad (S) was terrified after hearing the first revelation of the Qur’an, afraid that “he had become a jinn-inspired poet or a man possessed,” as Lings describes (P. 44). He went home and in fear asked his wife to cover him with a blanket. After this episode, Muhammad (S) received a second revelation, which read “By the pen, and by that which they write, no madman art thou, through the grace of thy Lord unto thee.”

Maybe it’s because I’m into psychology, but I love this verse. I read it and just try to imagine what it must have felt like to have all of these fears and doubts in himself and then to hear God say to Muhammad (S) that he doesn’t have to worry about those fears because they aren’t true. As much as the very first revelation must have been impactful, I imagine that this second revelation was the one to confirm in Muhammad’s (S) mind that he was not going crazy and that this was real.

The rest of the section that I read mentioned Muhammad’s (S) very first followers, as well as the response of the Quraysh, Muhammad’s tribe, to Muhammad’s newly declared mission of spreading Islam. It’s really interesting to read about the Quraysh’s side of the story, how the spreading of a new religion impacted them negatively in an economic and political sense, explaining why they would soon become so violently against Muhammad and Islam.


Day 8.1

Italian Bread, Samosas, Chicken Pot Pie, Baghara Khana (Rice), Kalee Mirchi Gosht (Spicy Lamb), Mozzarella Sticks, Pizza, and Chicken Pasta (all provided by the beautiful people in our class)

Cookies n' Cream Cupcake

Cookies n’ Cream Cupcake (store-bought)

Yeah, I didn’t pace myself quite as well as I have been for today’s iftar.


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