Ramadan Log DAY 12: The Blessing of Summer

I spent the day at my aunt’s house again, continuing to help her move. As I was there I found, similar to the last time that I was there, that I was having difficulty finding the time and a quiet place to read my Qur’an. She has little kids, and as little kids are, they love to run all over the place and take up everyone’s attention. Once I was finally able to sit down, I would only read a page or so before one of them interrupted me.

For all you moms out there, you really are something special. Every time I’m around my cousins, whether it be babysitting them or just hanging out with the family, I find my attention always taken up by them. They need to be constantly watched, fed, entertained, and role modeled, and I don’t know how moms are able to do that 24/7. My poor aunt didn’t have time at all today to just sit and read Qur’an because she was either doing her own work or taking care of her kids.

I do look forward to the day when I can have kids of my own inshaAllah, but I am really thankful that I don’t have any right now. Having the time to really set my own schedule to do whatever I want is a luxury I didn’t really realize I had until today.

Along similar lines, while fasting these long hours in the heat is tiring, there are a lot of blessings of Ramadan being during the summer. For those of us in school, having Ramadan during a break is great. Even though iftar is so late, we don’t always have to wake up early the next morning for school. I can actually spend a bit of the night praying and reading Qur’an (both of which are highly encouraged during Ramadan) without worrying about the consequences of the lack of sleep tomorrow. During the day, we can fill it with Qur’an reading and other activities we otherwise wouldn’t have time to do with school and homework. Maybe it’s also because I’ve gotten older, but I don’t think I ever got as much out of Ramadan when it was during the school year than I do now that I have the time to complete these large goals. Alhamdulillah.

Speaking of those goals, it’s time to talk about Martin Lings and his Muhammad! The Year of Sadness has ended and I entered the next important stage in the Prophet’s (S) life: The Hijra (migration) to Yathrib…aka Medina! I haven’t gotten to the Prophet’s own migration, but the other Muslims of Mecca have started migrating. Things got a bit confusing when Lings got into how Islam became prevalent in Medina. There were some people who heard about Islam and became Muslim, then somehow one of the leaders heard of Islam and then spread it to his people, but to be honest, I was really tired when I read that part and did not really understand exactly what happened.

The quote that I want to share is actually still from the Year of Sadness, towards the end, when Muhammad (S) went on his famous night journey, Al-Isra’ wal-Mi`raj. During this journey, which we believe happened to the Prophet in real life (not in a dream), Muhammad (S) was taken on the back of a winged animal, called a Buraq, from Mecca to Jerusalem, then up to the heavens, and back to Mecca all within the same night. Of course when he came back and told people of his journey, many of them didn’t believe him. They went to Abu Bakr, the Prophet’s (S) best friend, asking if he believed Muhammad. His response is really admirable:

“‘If so he saith,’ said Abu Bakr, ‘then it is true. And where is the wonder of it? He telleth me that tidings come to him from Heaven to earth in one hour of the day or night, and I know him to be speaking the truth. And that is beyond what ye cavil at'”

(Lings 103).

His loyalty and trust in the Prophet (S) is one of the reasons why Abu Bakr is my favorite Sahaba (companion of Muhammad). Not only did his answer display this loyalty, but it gave the doubters something to really think about. They expected Abu Bakr to doubt the miraculous night journey, but how could he when he already so firmly believed that Muhammad (S) had been receiving the words of God from an angel? If we can believe that, than believing in Muhammad’s ascent to heaven and back isn’t really any different.


Fruits and Chicken Samosas for iftar

Fruits and Chicken Samosas for iftar

Birayni and Rotisserie Chicken (provided by my aunt)

Biryani and Rotisserie Chicken (provided by my aunt and uncle). May Allah bless the both of them for never failing to feed me. 🙂


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