Ramadan Log DAY 18: That Special Time of Year

Now the month seems to be FLYING! In making plans today, I found myself already beginning to fill the very last days of Ramadan! The first night seems like so long ago, yet it feels like we only just started fasting.

Today was a good day, alhamdulillah. I got out of the house in the morning, which has proven to really help me get through these long days. Time was not on my side however. I had planned on spending the morning at my aunt’s house, then finish off the Tasbeehs in time for the party in the evening. However by the time I got home in the “morning,” it was almost time to leave for the party. SubhanAllah, I was able to get a lot more of the Tasbeehs done that I thought I would have time for, but I didn’t make as many as I had originally planned.

Now staring at all of the unused beads and string, even though the party is over, I still want to make more. I think this will become a new hobby, at least for now until I get bored of it.

The party was great, alhamdulillah. My friend throws this party every year during Ramadan, where we put together baskets to give to shelters and then end with an iftar and dinner. I saw many friends who I hadn’t seen in months and had a really nice time. One of my favorite parts of Ramadan and Eid is how it brings the whole community together. There are quite a few friends and family members who I don’t see any other time of the year besides Ramadan and Eid.

Lots of blood and killing and death in today’s section of Muhammad. We’re in the aftermath of the Battle of Uhud where the Muslims are tending to their dead and wounded. I tried looking for some kind of happy quote, but unfortunately instead I have a super negative one.  It is pretty disgusting the way the Quraysh treated the bodies of the dead Muslims after Uhud. After Hamzah is killed, Hind, the wife of Abu-Sufyan took a bite out of his liver in triumph. (Context: Hamzah was physically one of Muhammad’s strongest supporters, and Hind was particularly determined for him to be killed in the Battle of Uhud). After that:

“Then she took off her necklaces and pendants and anklets and gave them to Wahshi, telling the women who were with her to mutilate others of the dead. They all made for themselves ornaments of vengeance with what they cut from the bodies of the Muslims, and Hind mounted upon a rock and uttered a chant of triumph. One of two men of Quraysh also sought to slake their thirst for revenge by mutilating the dead”

(Lings 189).

Disgusting. I don’t mean to be graphic, but I am just appalled at how savage this whole war with the Muslims made the Quraysh. They were once known for their hospitality and nobility, being the caretakers of the Kabah, but their pride and closed-mindedness turned them into utter savages.


Egg Roll, Salad, Chicken 65, Biryani, and Mediterranean Chicken. Amazing amazing food, mashaAllah

Egg Roll, Salad, Chicken 65, Biryani, and Mediterranean Chicken. Amazing amazing food, mashaAllah

Chocolate Cake! It was my dad's birthday today :)

Chocolate Cake! It was my dad’s birthday today 🙂


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