Ramadan Log DAY 19: Reflecting on my Lack of Reflections

I’m not sure if I ever explicitly said this on my blog, but I am so thankful to have parents and relatives with whom I can have actual two-way conversations. I did a lot of that today and it feels so good, alhamdulillah. Keeping that door of conversation and confiding open with my parents is one of the best things I have ever done (and for them to respond back has been an amazing blessing).

This Ramadan has really given me a lot to think about. I mentioned a few days ago that I hoped I didn’t go through Ramadan unchanged, and while things in my daily routine haven’t changed a whole lot, I think I’ve learned quite a bit about myself so far this month.

For example, not listening to music has made me realize that I use K-pop and music as a distraction – a way to forget about my problems for a moment. When I get distressed or irritated, I usually soothe myself by listening to music. This month, I get distressed and irritated, but then I realize that I can’t listen to music, which just makes me even more distressed and irritated. Then when I cool down I realize that I’m feeling this way because I’m forcing myself to actually think about my problems, instead of drown them out. I don’t think I’ve ever been more conscientious of the world or my life than I am now.

I noticed that this year, I’ve had a lot more “negative” posts in my Ramadan Log than I did last year. I feel like everyday last year I was discovering something new about myself or the world or learning some new enlightening piece of information and this year I’ve just been…complaining? Monotonous? I wish I had words of advice to give you every day, but hey, I’m still trying to figure out how to do this thing called life too. I guess my advice for today would be to recognize what your means of escape is and try the experiment of not escaping and really think about what you’re escaping from.

I mentioned this concern, about not having anything interesting to blog about, to my mom yesterday and she responded in a very interesting way. “It’s the power of the Qur’an.” Last year, I was reading through the English Qur’an every day. I’ve replaced that this year with the Muhammad book, which is interesting, but nothing can replace the effect of the Qur’an. Interesting. I guess the words of God do have a way of opening up your mind, in a way that words by any human cannot.

Speaking of Martin Lings, we’re still in the period of war in Muhammad. I can’t wait for this section to be over. Reading about actual war going in in Israel/Palestine, only to be relieved of the news by reading about war in my book is just too sad for me. I did learn something interesting in today’s reading though! There was a period around the second anniversary of the Battle of Badr I think when the Muslims were migrating around, for reasons I’m not totally sure, but it was still considered a time of “war;” it was during this time that Muhammad (S) taught the Muslims a modified version of praying strictly for armies in dangerous situations. I didn’t even know a prayer like that existed, but it is a very practical ritual that was needed (and that sadly is probably needed today in other parts of the world).

During all of this war and conflict, I was happy to read about another of Muhammad’s (S) marriages, this time to Umm Salamah. The story of their marriage is a nice one.

“Abu Salamah and his wife had been the most devoted couple, and she had wanted him to make a pact with her that if one of them died the other would not marry again, but he told her that if he died first she should marry again, and he prayed: ‘God grant Umm Salamah after me a man who is better than me, one who will cause her no sadness and no hurt.’ Four months after his death the Prophet came and asked for her hand in marriage. She replied that she feared she was not a suitable match for him. ‘I am a woman whose best time hath gone,’ she said, ‘and I am the mother of orphans. What is more, I have a nature of exceeding jealousy, and thou, O Messenger of God, hast already more than one wife.’ He answered: ‘As to age, I am older than thou; as to thy jealousy, I will pray God to take it from thee; as to thine orphan children, God and His Messenger will care for them.’ And so they were married…”

(Lings 206).

The prayer that Umm Salamah’s first husband made is a really nice one. I never really thought of a spouse wishing for the other to find someone better when he/she dies, but it is actually a really loving and perfect wish.


Rice, Chicken, and Kabab from a local restaurant and Samosas made by my cousins

Rice, Chicken, and Kabab from a local restaurant and Samosas made by my cousins


5 thoughts on “Ramadan Log DAY 19: Reflecting on my Lack of Reflections

  1. Such an over-whelming post. What you say is true.. We should not escape from problems, rather think about what we are escaping from. That’s my thought for the day!

  2. Umaima says:

    I’m so glad I found this blog of yours too! Now I can follow both, your K-pop and Islamic posts. 😄
    Mashallah, this was a very inspiring read. Your posts are so relatable. They’re like short reminders to me, reminding me that like other Muslimahs out there, I too can improve myself as a Muslim. I hope to see more of your Ramadan Logs this year, I’m sure to read each one. 😊
    May Allah guide us and help us in everything we do! Ameen. ❤️

    • minnimonmon says:

      Thank you so much for your comments. You have no idea how much this helps me stay motivated. I’m glad you found this blog too! InshaAllah, you will see more posts from both blogs in the near future. 🙂

      • Umaima says:

        You’re most welcome. You deserve my thanks, because at the end of every post of yours, I find myself smiling and wishing to learn from you. Mashallah, you are a really beautiful person. I’m sure that by reading your blogs, I will do all I can to make this year’s Ramadan the most spiritually enhancing for me.

        I’m looking forward to all of your posts from both blogs. Thank you for being such a good writer and role model! I’m glad I made a new friend. Jazakallah.

        (P.S. Is it okay if you tell me your name? I’m gonna share your website with my sister, so I’d like to refer to you by your name. 😅)

      • minnimonmon says:

        You can call me Safiyyah 🙂

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