Ramadan Log DAY 20: Battle of the Trench

I cannot believe we are about to embark on our last ten days of Ramadan. It’s going to sound cliche, but these past few days really went by so quickly. I’ll be honest, the first ten days dragged for me. In all of my trying to stay away from my daily time-wasting activities, I was just waiting for the month to be over. However, the second ten days went by so quickly, I feel like day 11 was literally just yesterday. And now we are in those final ten blessed days of Ramadan.

Today I sort of reoriented myself with my goals. Taking into account all of the days that I missed reading Qur’an or read extra to make up for the missing pages, I recalculated how much I have to read. SubhanAllah, I am actually still on track to being able to finish the Qur’an – as long as I don’t get behind anymore. I started Surat Al-Mu’minuun (Chapter 23, The Believers) today. Al-Mu’minuun is one of the first Surahs so far to have the really short ayahs (verses), so I can feel myself starting the final stretch of the Qur’an. It’s exciting. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this yet, but this will be my first time ever reading the entire Qur’an in one month, inshaAllah.

I’ve also decided to make a pact with myself to try to reduce the amount of TV shows that I watch after Ramadan. All month I have been keeping track of the new episodes of my favorite shows so that I can watch them once the month is over, but my list is starting to get a bit long, and honestly, I don’t want to watch that much TV once I start watching again. Also, in keeping track of all of the shows I’ve been missing, I realized that I watch a lot of shows. I’m not going to be able to live completely without TV/youtube entertainment forever, but when I do bring it back, I cannot let myself push my life aside to keep track of so many meaningless shows.

InshaAllah, even if I don’t stop with the TV and music completely, I’ll be able to at least cut down.

Now I’m just waiting for the Quraysh to give up and leave the Muslims alone in Muhammad. Today I read the Battle of the Trench, which is the last of the big three, much to my relief. Ever since I was little and first learned about this battle in my Islamic Studies class I always thought it was pretty cool. Even though it’s a “battle,” there isn’t really a whole lot of fighting that takes place. The Muslims find out that a ten-thousand man army is coming to attack Medina, so taking the suggestion of a man from Persia, they build a large trench around the entire city, wide enough for the enemy to have difficulty crossing it, but short enough for their archers to still be useful. For a few days, the Muslims and their supporters guarded the trench and the Quraysh’s army attempted to find ways of sneaking across, all attempts resulting in failure. After some very bad weather, the army decided to leave. Yay! 🙂

It sounds simple and easy, but according to what Martin Lings writes, it was very difficult for the Muslims to constantly be on guard. However their unwavering faith and diligence is really admirable:

“The question arose in every mind as to how many more such days could be endured. Food was beginning to run short and the nights were exceptionally cold; and many of the weak in faith, unnerved by hunger and cold and lack of sleep, were almost ready to join the hypocrites, who were passing round the word that it was not possible to continue to resist such an enemy with only a trench between them, and that they should withdraw behind the city walls. But the faith of the true believers was confirmed by the hardship, and they received praise from the Revelation for having said, at the times of greatest stress, when they saw the clans massed together against them: This is that which God and His Messenger did promise us. That which God and His Messenger foretold hath truly come to pass

(Lings 224).

Everyone knew coming into Islam back then that they would face opposition, yet they did not waiver in standing up for the truth. MashaAllah. May we all have even a fraction of their faith.


Kheema Samosas for iftar

Kheema Samosas for iftar

Homemade Macaroni made by my mom

Homemade Macaroni made by my mom


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