Ramadan Log DAY 25: Five More Days!

Only five more days! It’s strange to think that while Ramadan will end in five more days, Eid is only five days away. I am so excited for Eid. No matter how old I get, Eid will always be a special time for me. Dressing up, meeting so many friends and relatives at Eid Prayer, that quiet lull after Eid prayer to relax, only to prepare myself for the family party in the evening. I love it all.

However we do still have five more days of fasting and ibadah to complete. It’s not time to celebrate yet. It looks like today was my last day this month where I was just free to do whatever I wanted at home. It was a pretty good day, alhamdulillah. I was on the hungrier side, but at least I was at home. I made a lot of progress on a video I’ve been editing, got a lot of writing done and read quite a bit of Qur’an. I even ran some errands today.

Can you believe that? I’m a college student, and I was running errands. It sounds so…mom-ish. It was fun though. I felt like a little adult buying groceries and going to the bank. (I bought ingredients for a recipe I’m going to make tomorrow, inshaAllah, that I’m SUPER excited for!)

I only have a little bit left of Muhammad to read (around 40 pages). Here’s the deal with Muhammad: I loved the beginning, where the story focused on Muhammad (S), his family, and his personal life. Now that we are getting into war and politics, I’m losing interest. Of course, since this book is a biography, there are sections here and there about a new baby being born or a family member dying, but I’m finding less and less of those stories.

I am not a history-lover; I’m much more into narratives, so my disinterest in this section of the book is all based on my personal preference. Martin Lings is still doing a great job in taking these historical events and giving them a story. I was happy today to read about Abu-Sufyan’s conversion to Islam (finally), but it was surrounded by all of this political talk that I’m not really sure what made him convert or why that was so significant to the story, making it kind of anti-climactic.

But, I always have to remind myself: This is not a work of fiction. It is an account of history. It is what it is.

My quote for today is sad, but also really touching. During a battle. Zayd, the adopted son of Muhammad (S) was killed, and this is his family’s reaction:

“Umm Ayman [birth-mother of Zayd] and Usamah [son of Zayd] and the rest of Zayd’s family were in [the Prophet’s] house. He had already condoled with them; and as he returned, Zayd’s little daughter came out into the street in tears, and seeing him she ran into his arms. He now wept unrestrainedly, and as he clasped the child to him his body shook with sobs. Sa`d ibn `Ubadah happened to pass by at that moment and searching in himself for words of comfort, he murmured: ‘O Messenger of God, what is this?’ ‘This,’ said the Prophet, ‘is one who loveth yearning for his beloved'”

(Lings 288).

It’s sad, but at the same time beautiful to see just how much the Prophet (S) loved Zayd even though he wasn’t his son by birth. I never got to share the story of how Muhammad (S) adopted Zayd, and that itself is also a touching story, and I encourage everyone to read it. Throughout his life, the Prophet (S) treated Zayd as his own son, which (1) shows that adoption is very much allowed and can produce beautiful bonds in Islam, and (2) just makes one feel even closer to the Prophet (S) and want to love him even more. Anyone can relate to losing a loved one.


Watermelon for iftar

Watermelon for iftar

Frozen Pizza for dinner. It's hard to make pizza look artistic, but there you go

Frozen Pizza for dinner. It’s hard to make pizza look artistic, but here you go


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