Blogging from A to Z Day 10: Jannah

J is for Jannah

JJannah. The Arabic name for Heaven. The place I hope to eventually be, inshaAllah.

Often times, it is the hope of Jannah that gets me through the day. Jannah is given many descriptions, of all kinds of contexts, in the Qur’an and Hadith. Here is the concept that I have gathered in my head: In any situation, more than the absolute best thing you can imagine, Jannah is better.

For every sacrifice I make in this life, I pray to be able to get back in Jannah. Every time I choose what is right over what is easy. Every time I give up some object of desire. Every time I hold my tongue. Every time I grit my teeth and do something I don’t want to do. I pray that in the end, my efforts get me into Jannah, because once I am there, I know that the sacrifices will be worth it.

While it is faith in God’s wisdom, care, and protection that helps me with the big questions, it is Jannah that helps me with the little things, particularly in middle school and high school. I gave up on buying clothes that were fashionable but not modest for the closets and closets of clothes in Heaven. I forfeited dating for being in paradise with any boy I wanted. I abstained from eating Rice Krispie Treats and Gummy Worms for the unlimited desserts in Jannah.

That is my advice for anyone who is struggling to give up something for the sake of God. Imagine the pleasure you get from the thing you are giving up. Now imagine it infinitely better. That is the pleasure that awaits for you in Jannah if you continue to make sacrifices for God.