Blogging from A to Z Day 13: Meeting Muhammad

M is for Meeting Muhammad

MA couple of months ago I attended a lecture about the Day of Judgement and Jannah. It was basically a walk through of everything that we believe will happen as we are being judged and the things we will inshaAllah experience in Jannah. I mentioned before how I think about Jannah a lot, particularly when I am struggling in this life. I think about the things I am giving up now in hopes to later get back in Jannah.

However, while I was listening to that talk and the speaker got to the part about how Prophet Muhammad (S) will be in Jannah to greet all of us, I realized something.

I can’t wait to meet the Prophet.

It never occurred to me before that in Heaven, in being reunited with all of the loved ones I lost, I will also be reunited with everyone else who ever lived who earned Jannah. Including Prophet Muhammad (S). I thought about meeting my grandparents. Meeting my future spouse. Meeting my sister and parents after they die. But I never once realized that I could also finally meet the man who taught Islam to mankind.

That in and of itself has become a motivation for me to strive for Jannah. I will finally be able to meet him. The man I’ve learned about my entire life. The man I spent last Ramadan reading about and growing to love so immensely. The man who was an example of the perfect father, husband, teacher, and friend. The man who went through so much, both internally and externally, to give us the message of Islam and an example of how to succeed in this life.

I can’t stress enough how important reading about Rasulallah’s (S) life was for me. Through reading the English Qur’an, the words from God that reached the Prophet’s (S) ears before anyone else’s, and then reading about his life in such vivid details, I made such a connection with him. I would say he is one of my favorite book characters, but he isn’t a character. He was a real person. And if I live this life in the best way that I can, I could actually meet him and talk to him.

I pray, sincerely pray, that my efforts in this world are enough to get me there, inshaAllah. To finally be able to meet Muhammad, sallallahu ‘alayhi wassallam. I am speechless just imagining it now.

To those who were with me this past Ramadan, no, I still haven’t finished the Martin Lings book. School started and I just got busy with other things. I only have about 20 pages left, but that will have to wait until I am finished with my semester. I still haven’t forgotten that I promised you all a review post once I finished! (Even if it’s a year late… gosh, it’s been that long already? Time flies…)

*The book I read about Muhammad’s life is called Muhammad: his life based on the earliest sources by Martin Lings. I really recommend it.


7 thoughts on “Blogging from A to Z Day 13: Meeting Muhammad

  1. As salamu alai kum. Your A to Z series has been an amazing read and this one comes up as one of my favorites. I have just started reading the seerah “the sealed nectar” and cannot wait to know him more. In shaa Allah, we will get to meet him (salallahu alayhi wasallam).

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  3. andreacfrt says:

    Thank you so much for this post. I didn’t know about this. I always feel like I need to learn more about Islam and the Prophet Muhamed that being just a Muslim is not enough. Thank you for this post, I was inspired to learn more about the Prophet

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