Ramadan Log DAY 2: The Bond of Flowers

Today. Today was a good day. Alhamdulillah. Praise be to God.

Yesterday, my sister posed an interesting challenge to me. We were both feeling a little stir-crazy, being cooped up in the house since school let out. She wanted to go out somewhere, but we had to choose a place that fit both of our interests (which turns out to be a surprisingly hard thing to find), that does not involve eating or watching a film, and that does not cost a whole lot of money.

I suggested going to a relative’s house. She wanted to do something new.

She suggested an art museum. I find looking at art to be boring.

I suggested Chinatown. She wanted to save that for a trip with her friends.

As we were trying to figure out what to do, I realized just how different the two of us are. We get along pretty well, of course with the occasional being at each other’s throats that all sisters go through, but for some odd reason, not only do we not have a lot of interest in common, but our interests often completely clash.

Then my mom, of course being the one who knows the two of us the best, suggested that we go to a botanical garden. It’s like a museum, but outdoors, and the artwork is flowers. Plus you only have to pay by the car. 😉

It was perfect. She could look at the flowers. I could take pictures upon pictures upon pictures. We could both view and enjoy God’s amazing, awe-inspiring creation. I took so many pictures today, but I am proven yet again in my photography experiences that there are some things that just cannot be captured by a camera. Subhanallah.

And, I was able to spend quality time with my sister, bonded by flowers. That has been one surprising blessing of this Ramadan so far. Yesterday and today, my sister and I have gotten along better than ever. Alhamdulillah.

*Quote of the Day*

Today, I read of Fatimah, the youngest daughter of Muhammad (S). She is arguably one of the most well-known women in Islam, but I admittedly don’t actually know a whole lot about her other than how much she is revered among other women. Within the first paragraph, I already learned something new. I had no idea she was the youngest of Prophet Muhammad’s (S) daughters. I guess when I learned about all of his daughters, it never occurred to me that they were all different ages, and had similar sister dynamics as sisters today. For example, the chapter mentions multiple times that Fatimah watched all of her sisters get married, move away, some of them get divorced and move back home, and those experiences of watching her sisters go through happiness and hardship affected who she was and how she bonded with them. When she later had kids, a couple of her daughters were even named after her sisters.

How perfect. After a day with my sister, I read about the daughter of the Prophet (S) and her sisters. (Sidenote: My heart still aches every time Ruqayyah’s story is mentioned.)

Now I understand why Fatimah is held with such reverence and love by the Prophet (S). Another new fact I didn’t know, or didn’t pay attention to back when I was a kid learning this stuff, is that Fatimah was there from the very beginning. She was born before the Prophet (S) received his first revelation and was just coming out of toddlerhood when he became a prophet of God. She was devoted to him, and since she was the last of her sisters to get married, stayed with him the longest out of all of his children. As a little kid, she stood up against members of Quraysh who were ridiculing her father, took care of him as he got older, provided him with his only surviving grandchildren, and spent his final days with him.

What puts me in complete awe of her is that by the time she died, “She, Fatimah the Resplendent One, was just twenty-nine years old” (Hamid 31).

She did all of that, became as the Prophet said, one of the four best women in the world, all by the age of 29. That isn’t very much older than my own age right now.


2 thoughts on “Ramadan Log DAY 2: The Bond of Flowers

  1. tamtam012013 says:

    SubhanAllah… that last bit was so interesting.

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