Ramadan Log DAY 7: Back in the Kitchen

I was in the kitchen again today! I’ve missed Ramadan iftar cooking. Interestingly, where others find it difficult to cook while fasting, I love it. Cooking good food just makes iftar that much more exciting. I make things that I like during Ramadan of course, but I also really like being able to provide iftar for others. Feeding a fasting person gives me a lot of internal happiness along with the spiritual reward.

Today’s recipe was brand new for me, and alhamdulillah it was pretty easy to make and turned out great! It is PF Chang’s Chicken Lettuce Wraps. It’s basically ground chicken and onion in a lettuce wrap, and it tastes just like Chinese friend rice, but without the rice. 😛 I am definitely going to me making this one again, inshaAllah. (Plus, it’s pretty healthy – and I think gluten-free? Just chicken and veggies.)

And the sisterly bond just keeps on growing. For the first time ever – or at least the first time in recent memory – my sister actually helped me make cook. We really worked on this one together. Now I am usually the control-freak type to prefer working on a dish by myself, but it was actually kind of nice working with her. I’m telling you, this is a Ramadan miracle from God that we have been getting along so well this month. Alhamdulillah.

Now that I am reminded of my Ramadan cooking adventures from previous years, I have a sudden urge to bust out some samosas tomorrow. 😉

Today was not all happy cooking fun time though. I was having some major music withdrawals. My current favorite singer released his first ever single as a soloist yesterday and I am trying really hard not to listen to it and get sucked back in. I cheated a little bit with my YouTube ban and watched a short clip of a new episode of one of my shows. I’m trying. I’m trying.

*Quote of the Day*

Today’s Sahaba is Ubayy ibn K’ab. This is my first introduction to him, and so far I like him. During the Messenger’s (S) time and under the first few Khalifahs (the leaders after the death of Muhammad), he served as an adviser of sorts to the Muslims and the Muslim leaders. He was one of the few people who had the entire Qur’an memorized following the death of the Messenger (S). Despite this, he didn’t hold any high government positions in the Muslim State. There is a paragraph that describes how he dealt with political figures that I really want to share:

He was known to be especially critical of the excessively polite and sycophantic attitude of many Muslims to their governors which he felt brought ruin both to the governors and those under them. Ubayy for his part was always honest and frank in his dealings with persons in authority and feared no one but God. He acted as a sort of conscience to the Muslims” (Hamid 70).

I like this philosophy a lot. Advisers to people in government positions should not be yes-men. They should be honest, and actual resources instead of simple supporters. I am a big believer in respect, especially to elders and people in authority, but I also believe in holding truth and justice in higher importance. Good leaders need people to challenge them, to make them better leaders, and there needs to be people around to keep the leader in check.

I didn’t expect to get political, but those are just my two cents.


3 thoughts on “Ramadan Log DAY 7: Back in the Kitchen

  1. Khadra says:

    Just found your blog and I am happy to have found someone like me. Since it’s Ramadan, I too have been finding it hard not to look at kpop related stuff lol it was nice escape. I wish you a great Ramadan and may Allah answer all your wishes, inshaAllaah!

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