Ramadan Log DAY 9: HIS Words

I made it to the masjid today 🙂 I actually was not planning to go to the masjid at all today, but I was spending time at my aunt’s house and she wanted to take me. Alhamdulillah, thanks to her I was able to make a Jummah prayer during Ramadan!

The picture above is just part of the mess it was getting out of the parking lot. Every little space you can imagine in this parking lot was filled with a car. It was literally an obstacle course trying to leave.

After my aunt’s, my sister and I went to a sisters youth iftar. I was again looking forward to breaking my fast with my friends, as well as the lecture that was to take place right before iftar. The lecture was great. The speaker talked about how in all of life’s craziness and unexpectedness, the one thing that will always remain constant is God. No matter what happens, our Creator is the only being and concept that will always be.

This reminded me of an activity we did in one of my classes last semester involving certainty of the future. We were asked to imagine ourselves 10 minutes from that moment in class. I was able to do that pretty easily. We were then asked to imagine ourselves in 5 years, and then in 10 years. 5 years was near impossible for me, and 10 was a little bit easier, but still incredibly difficult. However, there was one aspect of my future self that I was able to picture with quite a bit of certainty. Who knows where my education, career, and family life will take me in the next 5 to 10 years, but the one thing I am near certain will be a part of me if God allows me to live that long is that I will still be Muslim and I will still pray to God, inshaAllah. He will always be my constant, and in facing impending graduation and the beginning of real adulthood, that thought is extremely comforting.

She also mentioned the importance of the Qur’an in Ramadan, which is also called the “Month of the Qur’an.” She put the life of the companions of Prophet Muhammad (S) into a whole new perspective for me today. When Prophet Muhammad (S) received revelation, his companions were so incredibly eager to hear each new piece of knowledge. When the Messenger (S) passed away, she mentioned one Sahaba who was crying in grief, not just for losing the beloved Messenger (S), but because the period of receiving words from God was over.

Just imagine it. In a world where existential crises are on everyone’s mind, where the big question in life is “Why are we here?” Here was a man who was literally talking to the Creator of the entire universe and receiving messages from him. The Creator. The companions would ask Muhammad (S) questions about life, and on certain occasions, God Himself would answer those questions through the Messenger (S). Imagine living with that around you. Imagine how amazing and life-changing that would be if it happened today.

When looking at the Qur’an from that perspective, I feel like people, myself most definitely included, take what the Qur’an is for granted. We always raise our hands to the sky asking “Why? What’s the point?! What am I supposed to do?” when God’s own answer is literally in the palm of our hand in the form of a book. As Muslims, we believe that the Qur’an is the literal word of God, conveyed to us through Muhammad ibn Abdallah (S). I think that is really profound.

*Quote of the Day*

My quote for today comes not from my Companions book. I had such a long day, so I didn’t have time to read my chapter. Instead I want to share something interesting, and chillingly true, that the speaker said today. In a discussion about not shying away from the concept of death:

“When we think about death, we feel alive, but when we forget death, we becomes lifeless.”


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