Ramadan Log DAY 12: We All Have Those Moments

I knew one of these days was coming.

For whatever reason, maybe because I didn’t have enough water this morning, I was in a bad mood all day. Nothing particularly bad happened. I was just in one of those states where I was suddenly realizing all of the things I could be doing better, all of the things I still had to do that I didn’t want to do, and all of the shortcomings I had recently. As a result, I didn’t want to interact with anyone at all.

One of those days where literally everything annoys you. The sound my door makes when it opens and closes. That’s how bad it was.

It took so much self-control not to snap at every person who talked to me.

In an effort not to continue the several rants I went on today, both in my head and with my family members, I will keep this post short.

When it gets to this point where it doesn’t look like things are going to get better, I come to a realization: Today is over. I am done. I completed a chunk of my to-do list. I broke my fast. I prayed my prayers. I’m not exactly looking forward to all of the things I have to do tomorrow, but I’m done worrying about it today. Time to go to sleep and let this feeling naturally simmer away.

We all have those days. Sometimes we feel inspired and motivated and whole, and other times we just want to shut ourselves in our rooms and not talk to anyone. It happens. Life moves on.

*Quote of the Day*

I read of the conversion of Sa’id ibn ‘Amir today. After the Muslim victory at the Battle of Badr, the Quraysh executed Khubayb ibn ‘Adi, a Muslim, in revenge for their defeat. Sa’id, not yet a Muslim, witnessed this, and what he saw affected him for the rest of his life and ultimately led him to becoming a Muslim. Before being killed, Khubayb asked that the Quraysh allow him to pray a final prayer. After doing so, he insisted that his death would be worth keeping the Messenger (S) safe from the harm of the Quraysh.

“Khubayb, by his death, had taught Sa’id what he did not realize before – that real life was faith and conviction and struggle in the path of faith, even until death. He taught him also that faith which is deeply ingrained in a person works wonders and performs miracles. He taught him something else too – that the man who is loved by his companions with such love as Khubayb’s could only be a prophet with Divine support” (Hamid 97).

I love stories like these, when the Quraysh, in their elaborate demonstrations to try to steer people away from Islam, actually prove to their witnesses that Muhammad (S) really was right.


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