Ramadan Log DAY 20: The Most Important Days

Okay. This is either a test or a gift. Or both.

My favorite favorite favorite music group just released the teasers for their next music video and album. The gift: It is being released on Eid. Literally, the day after Ramadan ends, when I stop my music fast.

The test: Despite this news, I need to stay focused. There are only ten precious days left of Ramadan, the most precious days of the month, and I can’t waste them by watching teasers and obsessing online about this. I can’t let it distract me.

This is where the music fast really matters. I am so happy that I won’t be missing the release. Now that I know it is being released after Ramadan, I don’t really have to worry about it. Arguably, it should be easier for me to forget about K-pop and music because I know that inshaAllah I’ll have something that I’ve been anticipating all year waiting for me at the end of the month. But for that to truly be a gift, I need to soak up as many blessings and opportunities of worship as I can in this last week.

Because of this, I also have made the decision to only post on this blog every other night. We as Muslims believe one of the odd-numbered nights during the last ten days of Ramadan is the night of Laylat-ul Qadr. It is believed this night is “better than a thousand months,” meaning that any good deeds and acts of ibadah done on this night are multiplied as if they had been repeated for over a thousand months. Worship is highly emphasized during these nights. Tonight is the night of the 21st, so this would actually be one of those nights. Since posting on this blog does actually take time away that I could use in worship, I’ve decided to blog only on the even nights, so that I can really make the most of these final nights.

While this blog really helps me stay motivated and means a lot to me, if I really want to keep my intentions with everything pure, I wouldn’t sacrifice time to pray by blogging about how important prayer is.

So, I will still have a post up tomorrow night, but after that I will only post every other night. I pray that you all also find opportunities to make the most of these final blessed days of Ramadan, inshaAllah.


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