Ramadan Log Day 27: So Much Love

I don’t know if it’s the Ramadan-community spirit, but lately I have been finding myself surrounded by so many people for whom I have grown such a strong affection. Tonight was the last Tuesday iftar of the month. I remember the first week of Ramadan meeting so many of these people for the first time. I went there on somewhat unfamiliar grounds, gravitating towards the people who I knew from before. With each week, I put myself out there more and more, engaged with newer people and relied less on the comfort of the old. Now, alhamdulillah, today I found that I was able to bounce between different groups of people, socializing with people who I didn’t have a real relationship with just a month ago.

Through all of these iftars and events, I realized just how many amazing, beautiful, and friendly people I have in my life. Just before Ramadan I was having one of those moments where I get all distressed thinking I have no friends. I had been out of school for a while, and I’m not that great with keeping in touch with my school friends, so most of my social interaction had been just with family. However this month, I have made so many new connections, but also reconnected with a bunch of people who I did have all along but never realized were there.

I’m telling you, Ramadan is such a special time. It is such a special month for Muslims. You can see some random Hijabi on the street but feel an instant connection towards her because you know that you’re both in celebration. It’s really beautiful.

I come today again with a video instead of a quote. The highlight of my day yesterday was the Mecca snapstory on snapchat. For those of you who don’t have snapchat, it was basically a compilation of pictures and 10-second videos of different people on Umrah – and it was live. Throughout the day I was able to see images of people standing right in front of the Ka’bah, viewing it overhead from the different buildings, and seeing people praying and breaking fast all around the mosque in Mecca.

I have never been to Mecca, and I was just blown away by the videos I saw. I never realized how huge the Ka’bah is! Seeing people in lines praying all around it was so incredible. We all face the Ka’bah when we pray, but for me that’s just in a generic direction facing whatever wall is in front of me. It was so cool seeing people all facing the actual structure that we stand towards, surrounding it from all sides. I pray that inshaAllah God allows me to make a trip there one day.

If you didn’t get to see the video, thankfully people have uploaded it onto YouTube. Take a look. It’s pretty cool:


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