#AtoZChallenge Day 19: Standards of Living

S is for Standards of Living


Does such a thing exist as a universally accepted standard of living? Meaning, is there a line that all people generally understand not to cross?

I took an ethics class last year and we spent a couple of lectures discussing “universal truths.” For example, we debated the morality of killing and if killing can ever universally be understood as unjustified. That got me wondering if there is anything that is universally understood to be unethical.

With the trend now of “you do you” there doesn’t seem to be any standards of behavior anymore. Take public nudity for example: some people will agree that there is no question about some form of clothing needed to be worn in public, yet others will believe with the same conviction that being naked isn’t hurting anyone so why should a person be banned from doing so?

Is there anything that we can go to court and argue is a universally accepted standard of living that needs to be respected?

Haha. How American of me. The first thing I think of is going to court.

It’s also ironic because alhamdulillah, I have yet to ever step into a courtroom.

When talking about this topic with my mom, she suggested protection of children as an area in which everyone is in agreement, which I wholeheartedly agree with…until I remember that police brutality is an issue that unfortunately often involves kids.

What do you think?



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