#AtoZChallenge Day 22: Vicarious Living

V is for Vicarious Living


While I sit here and sip my green matcha tea, allow me to live vicariously through this blog and indulge in my dreams a little.

If I got everything I wanted, I would have a special tea station in my kitchen. A table or shelf or corner of the room specific for hot beverage goodness. On the left of the table would be a beautiful decorated hot water boiler and whatever innovative coffee maker that’s around at the time.

On the right, all of the options. Coffee. Different flavors. A rotating holder of all different kinds of K-cups, if those are still around. Caffeinated options for the morning. Decaf for the evenings.

And of course hot chocolate. Because you’re never too old to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and whipped cream.

You could open a drawer underneath and behold all of the tea options. Green Tea. Black Tea. Mint Tea. White Tea. Chamomile. All of the flavored variants. Caffeinated, Decaf, and Herbal.

Then there would be a portion of the table for sweeteners. Sugar, white and brown. Honey. Agave syrup if that’s still a thing. Splenda for my diabetic fam.

Look up, and there is a cabinet full of all different kinds of mugs. On one shelf, the pretty designs. Floral patters. Pastel colors. Curvy shapes. On another shelf, the sentimental ones. The Harry Potter mug. The Super Junior mug. The mug with some brand name on it that we got for free at a fundraising dinner.

When people come over, and they need some warmth and love, I’ll direct them to my tea station. And they can choose their drink of choice and vessel of choice and make their own custom beverage. And we’ll sit back with our steaming mugs and enjoy each others’ company.

As long as one is okay with the dream not coming true, I see no harm in indulging every now and then. This is the vicarious living post, so leave me a comment with your dream. If you got everything you ever wanted, tell me one part of that picture. Take a moment. Live vicariously.


3 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge Day 22: Vicarious Living

  1. theinsmom says:

    A craft studio….

  2. abetterjulie says:

    Well, a small piece of the dream would be to have a little camper with a writing studio inside. When we wanted, we could take it with us for short trips to Washington state to visit my friend. I’d be able to rest, and we could take my puppy along.

  3. Umaima says:

    My vicarious dream would be to have an entire room just for my special possessions, another for my memories, another for my art, one for my certificates and awards… Ah, the list goes on. 😆

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