Ramadan Log Day 8: Surprising Ease

(It’s actually the middle of Day 9 for me, but I passed out after isha last night. Just pretend you’re reading this twelve hours earlier.)

First day of the new work week, and things were actually not that bad. I think my difficulties last week were twofold: Not enough sleep and not enough suhoor. Last week I was doing English muffins topped with goat cheese and fruit preserve with a bottle of water for suhoor. On Friday, I switched to extra fiber English muffins, spread my cheese layer a little thicker, and added some crackers with colby cheese. Since then, the fasting has gotten a lot easier. Still difficult, as it is supposed to be, but I have more energy in the mornings now.

Speaking of energy, I finally had some coffee today after iftar and wow I am such an addict. I just smelled the coffee grounds and was filled with so much love. Today was definitely the day of cravings. Along with coffee, I was also craving caramel-filled chocolates, deep dish pizza, Krispie Kreme donuts, and ice water with a straw. Not just water. Water with a straw. Fasting does things to you.

One goal of mine that I haven’t really touched on here yet is fasting from TV and videos. Just like music, entertainment media is something that usually takes up so much of my time, and it is something I try to stay away from during Ramadan so that I can fully focus on bettering myself as a Muslim. So far the entertainment fast is surprisingly not bad. On the first day, I was really missing my music, but I’ve gotten used to simply rolling down my windows and listening to the sounds of the outdoors. As for watching my K-pop shows and videos, it’s hard to miss them when I keep myself so busy during the week. It was much more difficult last year when I would spend all day on my laptop NOT watching things. Although today I was missing it a little bit. I saw a screencap on instagram of one of my favorite shows, one that I had actually completely forgotten about since the start of Ramadan, and was reminded of how much I loved it and missed it. Then a movie that I had been waiting for months to be subbed was finally released with English subtitles, but I’m saving that for after Ramadan. Maybe watching it will be my Eid present. Along with Finding Dory and the new Tarzan movie.

As far as my Qur’an goal goes, I’ve decided not to stress so much over the number of pages. Reading Qur’an is great, but maybe focusing on the number and trying to read fast to finish a certain number of pages in a time limit is actually taking away from the value of reading. I’ll still aim to do 7-8 pages after every prayer, but if I can’t or I’m so tired that I’ll be pronouncing things wrong anyway, I won’t sweat it. Last year I finished early and then didn’t know what to do wth myself. Maybe I can take it slower this year.


2 thoughts on “Ramadan Log Day 8: Surprising Ease

  1. Umaima says:

    Do watch Zootopia too! It’s an awesome movie, with an amazing message. 😀

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