Ramadan Log Day 27: Don’t Compare

Only I would get sick during Ramadan. :/

I’m not sure if this is due to my hectic last couple of days or simply a result of my business this entire month. I felt a tickle in my throat yesterday morning, and since then it has just grown into full on disgustingness inside. I did find one interesting positive though: Despite feeling sick, at least I don’t have an appetite. I didn’t feel hungry at all today. 🙂

With that being said, I am definitely taking a day tomorrow to let my body rest. It doesn’t feel right, but Allah allowed the sick to be exempt from fasting. I should take the blessing.

This was definitely a month of firsts. It’s my first summer ever working at a “real” job. My first Ramadan while working. The first time since I started blogging that I probably won’t finish the Qur’an (I’m only on the 17th juz. It ain’t happening). My first time getting sick during Ramadan.

Part of me wants to be upset about how this month turned out compared to other Ramadans, but I watched a video yesterday that changed that perspective. Usama Canon has a series on YouTube called “Fast Reminders” which are daily one-minute videos during the month of Ramadan. I splurged and watched all of them yesterday, and in the video titled “Don’t Compare,” I felt like he was talking directly to me.

In this video, he encourages us not to compare this Ramadan to Ramadans of the past, and rather to treat it as its own unique experience. He even says, “Maybe you’re working this Ramadan and you weren’t working last Ramadan.”

That’s ME!

So today, I’m taking the comparisons and shifting the view into blessings I have been given this month:

Rather than dwell on not being able to read as much Qur’an, acknowledge the success of getting to the second half of the Qur’an despite working four days a week.

Rather than complain about not being able to go to iftars because of work the next day, be grateful for having the opportunity to help dozens of people in my nursing homes during the month in which good deeds are multiplied.

Rather than wonder why God made me sick today, thank Him for giving me twenty-six straight days of good health to be able to experience what I did this month.

It’s kind of a fun exercise once you get into it. Don’t compare your current situation to situations of the past. Reflect upon the blessings that have come out of this moment and simple let it be. Lately everyone advises being present and mindful, and I have always struggle with what to do once you’re in the present, however this exercise has helped with that. Rather than just thinking about what is currently going on, it feels much more enriching to think about how what is going on is benefitting me.