Ramadan Log 2013

T-1: Night Before Ramadan

T-1 Again: Gotta Love the Muslim Calendar

Day 1: Not Bad, Not Bad

Day 2: God’s Pep Talk

Day 3: We Have It Easy

Day 4: Embracing the Outside

Day 5: PAR-TAY!!…not really

Day 6: Brotherhood of Prophets

Day 7: TV Kills My Brain

Day 8: Ramadan Insomnia

Day 9: Fasting in the Heat

Day 10: Little Deeds

Day 11: Henna With Me!

Day 12: Love I Didn’t Know I Could Have

Day 13: K-pop Withdrawal

Day 14: Just Keep Swimming

Day 15: My Favorite Qur’anic Story

Day 16: Partied Out

Day 17: “Lean In”

Day 18: Memories at the Mosque

Day 19: Responding to the Haters

Day 20: The Famous Jugular Vein Ayah

Day 21: Yearning for the Beauty

Day 22: Baby Steps

Day 23: A Day of Firsts

Day 24/25: Qiyam Ul-Layl

Day 26: Countdown to Eid

Day 27: Forgotten Goals

Day 28: Last Mosque Iftar

Day 29: A Beautiful End

Final Post: Goal Count


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