Ramadan Log 2014


Day 1: It’s Only the Beginning

Day 2: It’s Like Training for a 5K

Day 3: Just One of Those Days

Day 4: Strange Cravings

Day 5: The Cute Stories They Don’t Teach in Sunday School

Day 6: Fireworks

Day 7: A Good Day 🙂

Day 8: The First Revelation

Day 9: Self-Discipline. Self-Discipline. Self-Discipline.

Day 10: Amenakin

Day 11: Middle of the Month Slump

Day 12: The Blessing of Summer

Day 13: A Moment of Weakness

Day 14: Ruqayyah and Uthman

Day 15: Aching for My Fellow Humans

Day 16: Self-Worth

Day 17: Simple Tranquility

Day 18: That Special Time of Year

Day 19: Reflecting on My Lack of Reflections

Day 20: Battle of the Trench

Day 21: Not Much to Report Today

Day 22: The Ramadan “High”

Day 23: I Belong in the Kitchen

Day 24: The Language of God

Day 25: Five More Days!

Day 26: New Hobbies, New Stories

Day 27/28: A Perfect Ending

Day 29: Dua Answered


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