Blogging from A to Z Day 19: Small Acts of Kindness

S is for Small Acts of Kindness


Small acts of kindness can do wonders for a person. I have been able to come home from genuinely horrible days with a smile on my face due to some small deed someone did for me. A couple of weeks ago, on a dragging Monday morning when I wanted to be anywhere except my university, another student totally went out of his way to hold open a door for me, and I couldn’t help but smile for the whole rest of the day.

When the person in front of me slows down to hold open the door, or when the lady at Starbucks wishes me a good day with a genuine smile, or when I run into another Hijabi who smiles at me despite us never having met before. It is moments like these that completely make my day and restore my faith in humanity. Small deeds are perfect examples of “think globally, act locally.” If we want to make a positive change in the world, it can start with simply being kind to each other. Once you improve the mood of another person, that person may improve the mood of another and so on until we get a chain reaction of kindness spreading all around us.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort. One small example that I have implemented in my life: No matter what my mood, who I’m with, or how crummy of a day I’ve had, I will always thank my bus driver. Just two words, that have the potential to make another person’s day worthwhile.

So let’s get the kindness started! What act of kindness have YOU received recently? Also, what small act are YOU intending to make a habit?



Ramadan Log DAY 10: Little Deeds

Today was one of those days where I just felt like doing absolutely nothing.  I sat in my room editing videos most of the day and sleeping.  It is the tenth day, so we are well into the month.  It is around this time when Ramadan starts to weigh down on us.  It’s when we start to get tired of fasting and begin to lose the enthusiasm to complete our Ramadan goals.  After ten days of being overly excited and motivated to read Qur’an, study the English, and post daily on this blog, I’m feeling the excitement fading.

And then I was in my grandma’s room, getting something, and I noticed that her rug was crooked and folded on itself.  Her rug is almost always messed up like that since she walks on it all the time and has difficulty bending over to fix it whenever it gets messed up, so when I passed by it today, it didn’t look out of the ordinary.  However, seconds after I passed by it and was about to go back to my own room, I had to stop myself and wonder what was stopping me from straightening it out.  I pass by that rug all the time, sometimes contributing to it’s messiness, and never do anything to fix it.  Yet here I was, doing barely anything morally productive with my day and I saw a sliver of opportunity to change that.  So I walked back, bent down, and took maybe ten seconds out of my day to fix her rug.

It’s not a lot, but this small deed and others like it make the world a slightly better place when done.  If we all took those moments where we don’t feel as motivated to do anything really huge and do all of the little deeds we notice need to be done, we would be improving our own spiritual state as well as the state of the world we live in.  Little deeds often go overlooked, but they are the easiest ways to make a positive change.

Today’s ayah is also from Surah Shu’ara’.  Ayahs 205-207 talk about the disbelievers: “Do you see? (Even) if We let them enjoy (this life) for a few years, and still at the end, there will come to them (the punishment) that they were promised! It will not help them that they enjoyed (this life)!” This ayah reminds me of the decisions every person has to deal with at some point or another: whether it is better to do what is right or what is easy.  If we do what is easy, we will have happiness or relief for a little bit, but that moment of relief won’t mean anything in the grande scheme of things where our afterlife is concerned.  If we take this life to enjoy ourselves rather than do what we are commanded to do, we are sacrificing the eternal enjoyment of the hereafter.  Even at the worldly level, if we try to enjoy moments that we really shouldn’t (like going behind our parents back to do things they wouldn’t allow), we could be sacrificing our future well-being.  We always need that reminder to not be so focused on enjoyment and to think ahead at what will benefit us in the long run.



Pearl Couscous made by me, Dried Mango, and Chocolate Wafers